Pat Beasley Band's latest release, Purple Woman, is a collection of songs, poems, and writings composed over the past 20 years.  While this is the third release from PBB, it is the first album recorded with the band.  This album features the Stirling Walsh on bass and Chris Bratta on drums.  We had Evan Stone come back in for some tasty keys and Drew Fisher on harmonica. The first three songs 'Bad Man', 'Bible Belt Drinking' and 'Demons' navigate themes of family, religion, faith and racism from Pat's experiences living in the south.  'Doggie Blues' lightens the tone with its blues oriented up-beat feel and down home lyrics.  'Highway' and 'Old Dog Hobo' span everything from love, vengeance, dogs, hobos, and bass solos.  The album ends with 'Purple Woman', a song about awakening.


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